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A Beginners Guide To ESPN Pinball IPhone Game : Updated With High-Def Graphics

ESPN is one of the most recognizable sports channel. Pinball is a retro arcade game played using paddles and a ball. What do these two both feature? Sure, it's not a whole lot, yet this has not impeded the developers behind ESPN Pinball, a color-filled and fast-paced game app for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The first thing users will see when ESPN Pinball loads will be the enhanced, retina display graphics. Even the main menu has a layer of detailed textures and glistening chrome. The programmers have eschewed the hard edges of reality in favor of a theme which is much more enjoyable to look at. Unlike a table-top pinball game, light and other bits emanate each time the ball collides with an item on the table. Other occasions, the pinball will become charged with fire or begin to shoot bolts of lightening. Just referring to the pinball table as a "pinbal table" appears just a little lacking, especially considering that it continues to be in 3D and has a stadium of excited onlookers.

Nowadays, it is more and more common for iPhone games to have several themes in order to please different sorts of players. This game has three tables: Soccer, Basketball and World Cup, the last one becomes available after the player earns over 100,000 points. Each of the tables are absolutely beautiful, and much more elaborate than competing pinball games, real or virtual.

The basketball theme allows the biggest number of points available to be earned. Users can make a basket by moving the ball up a ramp and into the hoop. The soccer table is in fact a double-decker pinball machine, having a separate set of paddles. Above these paddles lies the goal protected by a goalie. Like in Foosball, the goalie moves back and forth in order to keep the ball out of your goal. Get around him, and you may earn a great deal of points.

ESPN Pinball includes a relatively good array of choices. Gamers are able to play in single-player mode or use "pass and play" mode, which is really a smart method to transform solitary pinball into a game for several players.

In summary, ESPN Pinball is simple to learn and fun for new gamers and pinball players alike. This app is a good buy for everyone with an iPhone or iPod touch.

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Does a repainted case make a vintage pinball machine worthless?

Back in the mid 1970's my parents bought a Gottlieb 2001 pinball machine from an arcade that was closing down. At the time they thought it was in great shape. Now I'm looking into restoring it a little...nothing major, just some lights, fixing the flippers and replacing the rubber rings. Anyways, I just discovered the outside of the case is painted completely differently than any pics I saw online, so I'm assuming this means it was repainted before my parents bought it. So I'm wondering, before I put time, effort and money into it, does the repainted case make it pretty much worthless, even though the rest is in great shape? Thanks!

Best Answer...


It's called a cabinet, not a case.

A pinball machine that old really isn't "vintage" anyway. At most, it might be worth a few hundred dollars; a re-painted cabinet isn't going to make a huge difference. To someone that REALLY cares about it, they might get some stencils and re-paint the cabinet to match the original design anyway.

Replacing lights & rubber rings & fixing the flippers is called "shopping" a pinball machine, that's definitely not enough effort to be classified as a "restoration."

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