Vintage Pinball Machines

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Vintage Pinball Machines

See More About:    Vintage Pinball Machines        Vintage Pinball Machines        Vintage Pinball Machines        
Vintage pinball machine Williams Suspense

Frequently Asked Questions...

The place with all the old pinball machines & games.?

One of my neighbors just came back from Vegas. They found a large place, just off the strip, that was filled with vintage pinball machine & all kinds of arcade games, many of which you could play. They tell me that it was a store that sold them & was well worth a visit. Being tourists, they did not know the street names or even the stores real name other then the pinball place. Anybody know of this place??

Best Answer...


Pinball Hall of Fame

The PHoF Has Moved To A New Location!
1610 E. Tropicana, Las Vegas
Twice the space / half the distance to the STRIP


See More About:    Vintage Pinball Machines        Vintage Pinball Machines        Vintage Pinball Machines        

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